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04 June 2005 @ 06:19 pm
An Intro to the Anti-Ship Challenge  
Right. So the main concept for the Anti-Ship Challenge is to write a fic or draw something that is based on your anti-ship (in this usage, it means the ship you dislike the most, ie, if you're a R/Hr shipper, your anti-ship would most likely be H/Hr), or if you don't have a ship you dislike, choose one that you aren't used to or haven't been exposed to much.

Obviously, the honor system is key here; none of us would really know if the ship is your anti-ship or not unless if you say so. You could be an H/D shipper pretending to be a D/Hr shipper, and you might get away with it. But you'll have more fun (and it's more of a challenge) if you follow the rules!